Weekend Travelogues: Spooky Skull Rock

It’s almost Halloween! This time of year feels so eerie. Perhaps it’s because fall is all about the world going into dormancy, or just the stark change in seasons. Even places that are not inherently scary begin to seem a little spooky. Case in point: Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. Keep reading to see how spooky this place can seem:
New Years 2009 (617)


I visited Joshua Tree National Park with my little brother Brett in the winter of 2009. We were both on school holidays and took a long roundabout road trip through the West.
New Years 2009 (543)

Joshua Tree is famous not only for joshua trees (go figure) but also world class rock climbing. Brett and I are not skilled climbers (don’t make me laugh!) but we scrambled all over the giant rock piles. Brett climbed this tower:
New Years 2009 (507)

Some previous hiker had spent some time designing this big creative and creepy spider:
New Years 2009 (555)

All of these rocks standing precariously in the desert feels somehow ominous:
New Years 2009 (516)

New Years 2009 (527)

Even the yucca plant spikes look frightening:
New Years 2009 (535)

Do you see the giant unearthly fist?
New Years 2009 (552)

New Years 2009 (556)

Some previous hiker had a lot of time on their hands (and an excess of rocks) and got wild with a spiral. It’s incongruous to come across huge man-made arrangements of stone in a place that feels so wild:
New Years 2009 (557)

New Years 2009 (567)

Here is ‘Skull Rock’
New Years 2009 (571)

Are you scared yet? Those rocky eye sockets are creepy…
New Years 2009 (572)

After wandering among all the oddly shaped rocks, Brett and I hiked a few miles into the back-country and set up our little tent. The tent was even appropriately Halloween colored:
New Years 2009 (588)

This makes me wonder what’s hiding in all those stark rock crevices leaning over our tent.
New Years 2009 (574)

It was a wintry sunrise from our tent door. There were some skeletal joshua trees standing over our campsite:
New Years 2009 (587)

Want to see what else is out in the rocks? Just hike a little further down the trail in Joshua Tree National Park:
New Years 2009 (563)

….Anyone else visit a place that feels scarier than it should?

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