Weekend Travelogues: Graves in France

Another spooky thing to see overseas. These are some cemetery photos I took on a stroll in Paris, France:
DSC08791 - Copy

This is Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris France….full of long, winding rows of headstones and mausoleums:DSC08785 - Copy DSC08786 - Copy

This is an old sprawling park-like urban cemetery. It’s full of Parisians’ graves and scattered with the headstones of famous former residents. DSC08787 - Copy

It is old enough that the tree roots have grown giant and are pushing up through the ground and tilting the stones:DSC08788 - Copy

This is the tomb of Oscar Wilde. I watched as these girls put on bright red lipstick and kissed the stone (tradition!). I just read on Wikipedia though: “In 2011, the tomb was cleaned of the many lipstick marks left there by admirers, and a glass barrier was installed to prevent further marks or damage.”
DSC08792 - CopyThis is Sarah Bernhardt’s grave:
DSC08795 - Copy

I found a few long and eerie paths to take through the walled mausoleums:DSC08796

This gravestone is askew, what happened here?!DSC08798 DSC08799

I spent a good part of the summer of 2009 walking through European capitals and listening to The Doors on my ipod. So naturally I had to make a little pilgrimage to Jim Morrison’s grave in Père Lachaise:DSC08802This is, of course, assuming that he didn’t fake his own death…

And one last creepy Parisian monument. This tomb topper is in the Louvre:
DSC08781 - Copy

Does this get you feeling ready for Halloween? Or at least ready to settle down to watch a good scary movie…

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