A simple autumn wreath

I needed an easy way to bring a little autumn atmosphere to the homestead. Time for a craft project! I’ve created two simple fall wreaths for our double front doors. Keep reading to see how I completed the project.SONY DSC

I was on a search for some nice autumn decor that I could leave up through Halloween and Thanksgiving. I needed something that was not too ‘Halloween-y.’ I found some floral stems that were shaded with yellows, oranges, and reds. Then I purchased two grapevine wreath frames. I always watch the thrift stores for cheaply priced wreaths that I can disassemble and reuse…this makes the whole craft pretty inexpensive. I sat down one night last fall to make my wreaths:SONY DSC

I used wire snips to cut apart the big floral stems and then I simply threaded the small stems of leaves and berries into the gaps of the grapevine frame. I used a hot glue gun to dab a bit of glue behind some of the loose pieces. The grapevine itself looks rustic and fall-like, so I like that it’s visible through the floral stems. I didn’t want to overwhelm the wreath with too much stuff. Last up, I debated on a ribbon to wrap around the wreath as a way to hang it. I pulled out my collection of scrap ribbons. This photo was taken during my ribbon testing phase:SONY DSC

When I made the wreaths last autumn, my doors were still painted red. The red color was perfect as a backdrop to my colorful fall decor, but the paint was old and chipping off, which is why I repainted the front door. You can see I eventually decided to use a simple brown satin ribbon to hang my wreaths:SONY DSC

The wreaths are held in place with simple round hook magnets (see that black circle at the top of the window? That’s a magnetic hook that I spray painted black). Since my front doors are metal, the magnet hooks were the easiest way to hang the wreaths. After Thanksgiving I just leave the magnets in place and change out the fall wreaths for my Christmas evergreen wreaths- simple!SONY DSC

Currently our front doors are painted bright yellow and the entryway has new paint, new trim, and a new wall of paneling. My fall wreaths are out of storage and still look great!SONY DSC

Let me know what your autumn decorating solutions are, I’m always looking for new ideas!

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