Weekend Travelogues: Greece Gravestones

While wandering around Greece, it’s easy to come upon ancient ruins built on top of even older ancient ruins. And those ruins are full of creepy gravesites like this eerily cracked tombstone for a medieval crusader who died on the island of Rhodes.
Come have a look, if you dare…

I’ll start on the streets of the medieval City of Rhodes:SONY DSC

Rhodes is a walled city that seems to be full of rich Europeans on vacation. The island used to be a stopping place for rich Romans and Greeks and even the occasional early Christian apostle (John the Beloved, according to myth).SONY DSC

It was also the perfect stopping place for crusaders. During the crusades, the christian ‘Order of St John of Jerusalem’ occupied Rhodes and turned the city into a walled fortress.SONY DSC

UNESCO has made it a World Heritage Site, saying the city of Rhodes ‘is one of the most beautiful urban ensembles of the Gothic period.’ I’ll add that it’s pretty spooky too:SONY DSC

And it’s full of old crusader gravestones:SONY DSC

Goodbye for now, Rhodes.SONY DSC

Next up, a Greek ghost town. Mystras was ‘once a capital city of the Byzantine empire, but the city was completely abandoned in 1832, leaving only the breathtaking medieval ruins, standing in a beautiful landscape.’- from the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Jeff and I dared to enter the city ruins:Jeff dares to enter the city ruins.

For sheer creepiness, nothing beats the crumbling religious iconography that is painted throughout the city’s abandoned cathedrals….I can’t explain why the eyes have been scraped off this mural of saints but it’s certainly disconcerting:SONY DSC

My last spooky stop is on the island of Naxos. These two grave markers are in the floor of a little cathedral on the island of Naxos:

Are you feeling that chill down your spine? Want more creepy tours? Read about my walk through a Parisian cemetery or in Joshua Tree NP. Have a happy Halloween!

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