Creating a concrete paver patio

Here’s another outdoor project we’ve finished before winter sets in. It’s a small paver patio at the base of our backyard deck staircase. Keep reading to see how we did this:SONY DSC

When we purchased the homestead, it came with a poorly laid pathway from the side of the garage around the backyard to the deck. But the octagonal pavers were unevenly spaced and they made a pretty pathetic-looking path. Last summer, we decided to do something to fix it:SONY DSC

Jeff had the great idea of simply grouping them together to make a more impressive statement as a patio. He carefully lifted up each concrete hexagon (a few cracked during this process):SONY DSC

We tried a few different layouts, just to see what looked good:SONY DSC

Once we’d decided on a final plan, Jeff started digging up the sod and loosening the dirt where the patio would be:SONY DSC

With the final layout all dug up, we put down several bags of gravel and sand then leveled the sub-surface before we put the pavers into their final positions. See that bag of cement mix in the foreground? I mixed up a batch of cement and we used it under the bottom stair and around the first three paver stones. I wanted those first stones to sit very securely and remain flush with the bottom of the staircase:SONY DSC

Our cat Sue supervised our progress. She also found a nice cool stone to rest on:SONY DSC

Jeff finished off the leveling and set the stones into place:SONY DSC

After every paver was set and level, we dumped a few bags of sand onto the stones and brushed it into the crevices. Sue approved:SONY DSC

We let the sand settle into the patio crevices, then rinsed the whole thing down with a hose:SONY DSC

It’s a new little patio!SONY DSC

Here’s our patio this fall, you can see our back deck is finally all stained and cleaned up. I’ve added mulch to the garden beds around the edges of the patio:SONY DSC

The paver patio is still Sue’s favorite spot to nap in the summertime. The concrete stays nice and cool for her:SONY DSC

I just planted that arborvitae tree in the narrow square created by the edge of the deck and the staircase. Over the last year a few weeds have popped up in the cracks of the patio pavers so I’ve sprayed some weed killer to stop the problem and soon we’ll add another bag of sand to re-fill those gaps (yet another project!):SONY DSC

I love the honeycomb effect of hexagonal shapes. It looks so modern, especially for these old re-used 1980s paver stones:SONY DSC

That’s how we made our new little patio, created entirely from our homestead’s old paver pathway. Eventually I would like to add a new walkway around the deck to the front of our house. I’m waiting until I find an unbeatable price on some more used pavers or bricks. For now, I’ll enjoy this prettiness:SONY DSC

We’ve done quite a bit to improve our exterior spaces. You can read about how we’veĀ updated the back deck, rebuilt part of the front deck, planted some new foundation shrubs, and pruned back all our overgrown landscaping. What are your ongoing outdoor projects?

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