A new garage light


A new exterior light

We spent a weekend afternoon updating our garage light fixture! Click to read about our quick project.

I found this big bronze exterior light fixture at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for 50% off:SONY DSC

Sue had to give it the sniff test:SONY DSC

Just a reminder, here is the previous light fixture:

It was there when we purchased the house and might be original. It had a little bird nest inside the clouded glass and (annoyingly) it was missing the spire meant to be on top:SONY DSC

I cleaned up the purchased fixture and covered the glass panels with some cardstock paper and painter’s tape. I spent a sunny afternoon spray painting. First was the metal primer spray paint:SONY DSC

Using the primer first helps the final paint stick and stay adhered so much better:SONY DSC

I chose a classic oil-rubbed bronze spray paint for the final coats. The dark metal color will match the rest of the exterior lighting around the house:SONY DSC

Once the spray paint was evenly applied to every surface, I removed the paper and tape covering the glass:SONY DSC

Here is the finished lantern. You can see I left the interior the original metal finish. Because the original metal was a dark-ish bronze, it blends well with the new oil-rubbed bronze paint on outside of the light. This picture makes it look more contrasted than reality:SONY DSC

A sunny Saturday afternoon we made the light change. We made SURE to shut off the power to the garage lightbox at the breaker box:SONY DSC

Jeff took down the old light. It had been up in the weather so long it took pliers and a wrench to get it off the bricks:SONY DSC

I’ll be honest, there were a lot of steps in replacing the old light with the new lantern. I did a post here about hanging light fixtures. It is a pretty straightforward process. We removed the old hardware, spent a lot of time testing the new hardware and wiring, then screwed everything into place, flipped on the breaker and tested the current. It works!SONY DSC

Jeff’s showing off his handiwork:SONY DSC

Our garage light is finished! I leave this light on all night so I’ve ordered some LED candlabra lightbulbs (in warm white, naturally) to save on the electric bill. Even with temporary lightbulbs the finished fixture looks pretty great:SONY DSC

I’ve been working on the whole exterior of our homestead before winter. I’ve updated the back deck, created a little paver patio, cleaned up the front porch, and painted the front door. I even added some autumn wreaths. have plenty of projects still to do. I’ve been caulking and painting the exterior walls, painting all the exterior doors, and adding more landscaping. I’ll keep you posted on the progress. I’ve also been debating the pros and cons of whitewashing the exterior brick, any thoughts?

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  1. Your new garage door fixture matches well with the trim you did around the garage framework. I especially liked the picture of Jeff with the finished project.

    • Thanks! It’ll look even more seamless once we’ve finished painting and updating outside.

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