Category: House Project

A new garage light

We spent a weekend afternoon updating our garage light fixture! Click to read about our quick project.

Staining the back deck

To all my family living in the northwest, this post is in honor of your first snowstorm of the season. I’m writing about an outdoor project, just to remind you that it’s still in the mid-seventies here… We’ve… Read More

A simple autumn wreath

I needed an easy way to bring a little autumn atmosphere to the homestead. Time for a craft project! I’ve created two simple fall wreaths for our double front doors. Keep reading to see how I completed the project.

A Furnished Office

It’s been over a month coming, but here it is! Our homestead office is all decorated and usable. Read on to see what our office space looks like right now.

Finally! An (almost) Finished Office

It’s finished! Keep reading to see exactly what we’ve done to transform our office space- from start to finish!

A built-in bookcase

Our new office is getting very close to finished. This bookcase is my last big project. We needed a place to keep all of our (mostly my) books. So I crafted this built-in bookcase solution.  Read on to… Read More

A wall of paneling for the office

There is a new wall of paneling for our office! I spent a few days assembling a simple frame to cover one wall of the office and give the whole room a nice detailed finish. Here’s my step-by-step… Read More

A new door for the kitchen

Here are my efforts to turn the world’s ugliest breakfast nook into a slightly better in-progress nook. I’ve just finished restoring and painting the glass door and it’s made a world of difference. Read on to see my… Read More

Photo ledges are up!

I’m back! Jeff and I have been gone for the month of July, travelling here and there, Russia to Norway to San Francisco. It was a lovely and hectic summer month. Once the pictures are sorted, I’ll post… Read More

A new chalkboard in the Entryway

This is my entryway as it looks right now. I’ve spent months refinishing all the surfaces in the entry, such as redoing the interior doors and building a wall of paneling. And of course, the lovely chair sitting… Read More