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Weekend Travelogues: first snow in the Tetons

A fall backpacking trip I took through the Grand Teton National Park, just in time for the first snow of the season. Keep reading to see more of my chilly mountain adventure:

Weekend Travelogues: Greece Gravestones

While wandering around Greece, it’s easy to come upon ancient ruins built on top of even older ancient ruins. And those ruins are full of creepy gravesites like this eerily cracked tombstone for a medieval crusader who died… Read More

Weekend Travelogues: Graves in France

Another spooky thing to see overseas. These are some cemetery photos I took on a stroll in Paris, France:

Weekend Travelogues: Spooky Skull Rock

It’s almost Halloween! This time of year feels so eerie. Perhaps it’s because fall is all about the world going into dormancy, or just the stark change in seasons. Even places that are not inherently scary begin to… Read More

Weekend Travelogues: Woodworking in rural China

A short photo story about wood and woodworking in the countryside near Lishui, China.

Weekend Travelogues: Climbing a tower in Tallinn, Estonia

I adore taking photos of floors and doors. It’s a wonderful way to remind myself of all the little details that are so easy to forget once I get home from traveling. Plus, I love all the architectural… Read More

London in the fog

This is the story of assembling my (evolving) gallery wall in the office. I’ve spent most of my spare summer days transforming our extra bedroom into a great office space for Jeff and a wonderful library/rotating art exhibit… Read More

When you wish upon a Star(burst frame)…

This is a simple starburst frame update I completed this week. Read on to see my step-by-step process and my sunburst/starburst travel inspiration from all over the world!

It’s only Fair

I love this time of year. All the crisp nights and the sharp sunlight before the leaves really start changing. That also means it’s fair time! I love the saturated colors and kitschy-ness and sheer fun of it… Read More