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Weekend Travelogues: Woodworking in rural China

A short photo story about wood and woodworking in the countryside near Lishui, China.

A built-in bookcase

Our new office is getting very close to finished. This bookcase is my last big project. We needed a place to keep all of our (mostly my) books. So I crafted this built-in bookcase solution. ┬áRead on to… Read More

A wall of paneling for the office

There is a new wall of paneling for our office! I spent a few days assembling a simple frame to cover one wall of the office and give the whole room a nice detailed finish. Here’s my step-by-step… Read More

A new door for the kitchen

Here are my efforts to turn the world’s ugliest breakfast nook into a slightly better in-progress nook. I’ve just finished restoring and painting the glass door and it’s made a world of difference. Read on to see my… Read More

Building a Buffet

Here is a project I’ve been creating off and on for a few months now. I wanted to reuse our old kitchen cabinets, so I turned a section of them into a built-in buffet in the dining room…. Read More

Restoring an Antique Bench

This beautiful solid wood bench restoration was another project I took on while I was visiting my parents. Keep reading to see this antique transform from crumbling to vintage perfection.

…A very good place to start

How do you solve a problem like an entry? (I love The Sound of Music, let’s just get that out of the way right now). ┬áThis is a huge post about everything we’ve done on the front yard… Read More